Watch All Your TV From Home,

Anywhere You Go

Stream live TV anywhere.

Watch TV on the go with

the DISH Anywhere® app.

Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV

anywhere, including live sports, breaking news,

your entire DVR collection, and 80,000+ movies

and shows On Demand.

Works with all your favorite


The DISH Anywhere app works with phones,

tablets, computers, and Amazon Fire or Roku

streaming sticks. The best part? Live TV streaming

is included with your subscription!

Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 and compatible mobile device. On Hopper Duo, there is no live TV streaming for DISH Anywhere. On Demand programming depends on package and technology.

Enjoy movie night,

every night, on us.

We bring the flicks.

You bring the popcorn.

Enjoy movie night on us with

80,000+ On Demand movies and

shows included with your


Never miss an

episode again.

Watch catch-up TV the very next day

with On Demand channels packed

with the series and shows everyone’s talking about.

On Demand.

On the go.

Get the same great On Demand

shows you watch at home on your

phone, tablet, or computer with the

DISH Anywhere® app.

We love TV. And we’re local.

Stop by to talk TV and test drive our new Voice Remote!


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