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Make sure we can easily access your TV and that someone over the age of 18 is home. We will walk you through the installation process and be happy to answer any questions.

Enjoy an even better.

TV experience.

Even if you’re not a(n) A+ Satellite customer, you can

still benefit from our amazing installation services. We

will make sure you have the best entertainment

setup, complete with surround sound and whole

home network connections.

Make sure your TV is secured to the wall or TV stand with proper television mounts. Get it set up by trained and trusted


Get your speakers installed by sound professionals so that you can enjoy surround sound during your favorite shows, movies, and playlists.

Set up your whole-home entertainment systems in no time with the help of our technicians.

Plus, even though DISH beats cable, we have all the cables and mounts you may need for cable TV, just in case.

We love TV. And we’re local.

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