Get your local

channels for free

with an integrated

digital antenna

Enjoy local sports, news, weather, and more.

Watch Your Favorite Local Channels and save every month on your TV bill.


Enjoy the convenience of local

channels right in your guide.

Stop switching inputs or juggling remotes. Your

digital antenna works seamlessly with your

DISH experience.

  • Watch local channels in HD from your guide
  • Record local channels to your DVR

The Right Solution For Your


Every home is different, and having your antenna properly located and installed is critical for performance. We’ll help you find the right antenna and setup for your needs.

Requires digital antenna. Sold separately. Some channels are only available in

selected markets. Broadcast station availability depends on geography, location,

and antenna specifications. In some areas, local government may charge a fee for

antenna usage.

We love TV. And we’re local.

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